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These dresses are tons of fun for a wedding, nightclubbing or any special occassion!  These roaring twenties dresses were made from polyester fringe and taffeta.  Believe it or not they are much warmer than the full length dresses! They were made from a 2" dressmaker's diagram that showed the fringe layout for the proper swing and movement. The fringe really wiggles when you walk as a result of the correct placement.  They are very heavy when completed and have a zipper under the arm. The headpieces shown here were designed to hold up out on the water and are very simple, a more ornate version could be easily substituted. The dresses could be made in a variety of colors, but white is impractical and red looks less than authentic. The black actually ages well. The dress on the left was ten years old when this picture was taken.
This is a Victorian evening gown, produced in cotton muslin, lace and a lightweight gauzy fabric of pale yellow.  It is beautiful although care must be taken with the long train.  The underskirt has eyelet with yellow ribbon run through the holes.  a heavy braid helps hold the skirt down.  The sleeves of the gown fit so tight there are a few gathers in the under sleeve elbows to allow you to bend your arms.  It was worn for an elegant dinner at the Ottawa Yacht Club's 100th Anniversary.  It would be difficult to wear it all day unless there was to be limited outdoor movement.
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