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As you can see Lindsey is now too big for carrying around and is now making more specific demands in her own costuming choices. As a result, I offer more options in children's clothing as well as adults. This sailor dress was enlarged and reshaped from a favorite doll's wardrobe. It is made of white muslin and trimmed with red and blue satin ribbon, with a blue cotton dickie insert . I am wearing a two piece outfit with detachable cuffs and collar. The blouse buttons down the back with mother-of-pearl buttons that match the buttons on the cuffs. The skirt is a white cotton with contrasting tabs in the front and back, that match the tie on the blouse. The tie is a great place to show off an antique brooch. The balloon sleeves are very full above the elbows and then fit very closely on the rest of the arm.  The length of the underarm to wrist measurement and waist to underarm measurements are critical to the fit of this blouse. The fabric of the blouse is a cotton stripe white/blue,cotton. These fabrics are very close to the styles used during this era. Petticoats are a must for supporting this skirt. I recommend a cotton fabric with eyelet trim or even some horse hair braid instead of the traditonal taffeta or crinolines used in the past, as these can be very warm and itchy
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