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picture of raggie....~~~~~This is a copy of Raggedy Ann from the 1961 book of Raggedy Ann, she is made exactly as described in the book right down to her red heart with I Love You written on it. We did substitute a wooden version for the candy one in the story. Her face can be painted as called for in the book of hand embroidered depending on your preference. Her dress is a blue calico, but if you prefer something different we can alter that as well. Raggedy Ann pictured here is 15" tall but she can be made in a 10", 20" or 25" size. Pricing will vary slightly with the size and special requests. The Raggedy Ann pictured is $40 plus shipping. We ship internationally as well as domestically.  The teddy bears are approximately 5 1/2" tall perfect for wedding cakes or for a child to bring along in a pocket.  The wooly sheep are made from English lambs wool and are about 3" in size a small flock grazes happily in a village green.

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