Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
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News flash-a force to soon be reckoned with-Optimus Regattatoday, next
International Regatta in June for kids up to 15
Zan did real well in his regatta today-we had good wind and he raced 7
races and received a medal for 5th place-=they were right out there on the
ocean with big waves and wakes from the downtown ferry.The course was quite
long compared to their usual practices-also they had a strong current to
deal with and a long windward leg-for his 2nd regatta and first time out in
St. T, he did real well-also the youngest there.
One kid who is in the next fleet up-also 10- Cy Thompson-and placed first
overall, is rated >number 1 in the nation and 12th overall in the nation
(that means ages up through age 15). He will be America Cup material in 10
years or less. They said there hasn't been a kid so young that sails so well.
Andrew with his jazz band
just got two picture from our friend in Kent
the sail boat is our friends father of the girl space creature-it was taken
when we were coming in from a couple day sail to anegada-great trip ever
the second is andrew playing drums at seabreeze-
our friend made that trimaran-he was in the berkshires this summer
 well click here zan and all you coral bay space owls..see where it takes you.