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ONCE UPON A BEDTIME reading is great....please read to your children.....  ....... is a cooperative effort between Berkshire Television, TimeWarner Cable of the Berkshires and Little Brown & Co. The authors and illustrators have generously granted us the right to use their beautiful books in the creation of this program. Originally the program was created to provide an alternative to traditional prime time television programming. Reading is a wonderful bedtime activity and we believe that it should be encouraged as much as possible. We also realize that parents' time has become more and more divided in this busy world, thus we have tried to provide an option. Once Upon A Bedtime is a television show for children and their families. The shows are approximately 30 minutes in length depending on the length of the books. The books are read in their entirety supported by their illustrations, and a music sound bed if appropriate. The shows air on local cable stations and are also available to local schools, complete with lesson plans and copies of the books. These are provided to the schools at no charge. Research has shown that reading to children encourages them to pick up books and read to themselves. Once Upon A Bedtime was not designed to replace parents reading to their children, but to help fill in the gaps and create an additional level of interest in books. Berkshire Television is providing the production for the programming and all the "leg work" for the project. We obtain the appropriate permissions, prepare the lesson plans, and both the 3/4" and 1/2" copies of the programs. Copies of the books are provided by Little Brown & Co., Arcade Publishing, & Sierra Club Books for Children. All of this is being done without monetary compensation. We cannot thank the authors, illustrators and publishers for their help and generosity. We look forward to continuing this project for many years and even at some point in the near future adding it to the world wide web. If you would like more information on this program please contact us at 1-315-549-0029, email  @once upon a bedtime or write to us at PO Box 33 Fayette, NY 13065 USA 
Thank you for your interest in Once Upon A Bedtime. 
"The Fetridge Family"